Pattern Wash, A Technical Briefing

Good slurry adhesion during the application of the primary coat of a ceramic shell is critical to achieving excellent surface finish of precision investment castings. Residual mold release can lead to casting defects such as lifting or buckling of the prime coat, and subsequent bulging on the surface of castings. Good pattern wash practices and… Read more »

Innovative New Pattern Wax Sure to Increase Foundry Production

Remet, a leading supplier to the global Precision Investment Casting Industry, is pleased to announce the release of FastForm™ pattern wax. FastForm pattern wax is a superior alternative to highly filled acid waxes and is sure to increase foundry productivity with its shorter dwell times. The ultra-low fill of FastForm promotes less shell cracking and… Read more »

EZ-CAST Shell System: REMET’S Enhanced Flour & Stucco Backup Shell System

EZ-CAST™ Flour   Remet’s EZ-CAST proprietary blend Fused Silica flour can be used in the place of standard or fiber-based backup flour systems. When comparing ceramic shells made with the equivalent number of dips, the EZ-CAST flour system can produce thicker, stronger, and more uniform shell molds, in less time than those made in standard… Read more »