For more than 40 years, Remet Corporation has been supplying products and technology to the Investment Casting Industry.

Founded by Jim Pyne in December 1970, the company got its start in Los Angeles, CA providing technical support to investment casters in the 11 Western states. Since then, Remet has become a “household” word among shellbuilding and wax departments in investment casting facilities worldwide.

In 1972, with support from its major supplier relationships, the company became national in scope, relocated its headquarters to the Utica, NY area, and continued to extend its sales and technical support business model. Within four years, Remet had started a manufacturing facility in Utica. The first product produced was a hybrid ethyl silicate binder for the investment casting industry. Later products included prehydrolyzed ethyl silicate binders, polymer additives and proprietary custom blended compounds.

In 1986, Remet capitalized on an opportunity to distribute pure and denatured ethyl alcohol to the cosmetic, food and medical markets in Southern California and started a denatured alcohol business at its La Mirada, CA facility.

To complement its manufactured products, Remet formed a division to handle the sale of products for non-metallurgical applications. This is now called the Enhanced Products business.

Remet was acquired in 1999 by Burmah Castrol and merged the Dussek Campbell Yates (DCY) wax business into the combined business, making Remet one of the world’s largest consumables supplier to the global investment casting market.

In 2003, Remet was bought out by a management group led by its president and CEO-John Paraszczak, who championed the 1999 merger; he had served as president of the Dussek Campbell Yates investment casting wax business for nearly two decades.

Remet started SouthWest Wax in 2004 to launch its Enhanced Products business and provide local investment casting wax manufacturing to the Western U.S. The acquisition of Calwaxƒ‚® Corporation in 2007 further expanded the Enhanced Products business.

Throughout its over 40-year history, Remet has developed many industry leading products that have contributed to the growth of the investment casting industry.

Remasilƒ‚® brand refractories, were the first to be developed specifically for investment casting, followed by ADBONDƒ‚® brand enhanced binder systems; and complete pattern wax/binder/ refractory systems developed to meet the special needs of foundries. Other developments include pattern wax and shell systems to address the needs of foundries casting reactive alloys; environmentally safe fillers for pattern waxes; soluble waxes with rapid dissolution rates; and pattern waxes with rapid set times.

Remet and its predecessor companies have been issued 46 patents covering wax, binder and shell technology developed to advance the investment casting process. Its technologists continue to explore new opportunities to improve the centuries old investment casting process.

Remet is ISO-9001:2008 certified and has approximately 100 employees (U.S. and U.K.) and operates on a global basis with over 2,000 customers worldwide.

In addition to the Utica, NY corporate office, Remet sales offices are located in Palatine, IL, La Mirada and Irwindale, CA and Rochester Kent, UK; with an extensive network of technical representatives and agents located in Continental Europe, Asia, Africa, Brazil and Australia/New Zealand. Remet-owned plant site locations are Utica, NY, La Mirada and Irwindale, CA and Mesa, AZ. Research and development and technical support facilities are located in Utica, NY, Rochester Kent, UK and Irwindale, CA sites.